Boko Haram Attacks a General Hospital

ICC Note:

Boko Haram attacked a general hospital early Friday morning in Maiduguri. The attacks was completed by several suicide bombers. The first one happened around 3:50 am. During the ensuing confusion and terror, the second bomber entered the building and was able to detonate near some of the staff at around 5 am. So far the total count is 3 killed and 4 injured, but that number may rise. 

08/04/2017 Nigeria (DailyPostNigeria) – A hospital assistant was killed, while four other persons were reportedly injured at the Molai General hospital following a suicide bomb attack at the hospital in the early hours of Friday.

Security personnel at the hospital said the suicide bombers sneaked into the premises of the hospital through the back of the building.

“When they were sighted, one of them immediately blew herself to generate attention and the other gained entrance to hit at one of the hospital assistants, who died and four other persons who were injured as a result of the blast,” Mohammed one of the local security men at the hospital said.



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