‘Catastrophic’ Conditions Reported in Camp for People Fleeing Boko Haram

ICC Note: Charity group Doctors Without Borders has reported that roughly 200 people that escaped from terrorist group Boko Haram have died in one camp in the past month. The group has described the situation as a “catastrophic humanitarian emergency”. Since their insurgency in 2009, Boko Haram has caused the displacement of over 2 million people in Nigeria and the countries nearby. These people typically live in IDP camps where they struggle to provide for themselves and their families, leading to death by starvation of hundreds, including many children. It is a humanitarian crisis and the Nigerian government is struggling to deal with it as many of these people will not return home since their villages have been destroyed by Boko Haram or they fear another attack.

By Nick Cumming Bruce and Dionne Searcey

06/24/2016, Nigeria (The New York Times) - Nearly 200 people who fled Boko Haram attacks have died of malnutrition and sickness in a single camp in northeastern Nigeria in the past month, the medical charity Doctors Without Borders said on Thursday, describing a “catastrophic humanitarian emergency.”

In the camp, which sits on the outskirts of the largely ruined Nigerian city of Bama, the charity said that the local authorities reported five to six people dying every day.

“We have been told that people, including children there, have starved to death,” Ghada Hatim, the group’s head of mission in Nigeria, said in a statement.

Years of devastating attacks by Boko Haram have displaced more than two million people in Nigeria and surrounding countries. The Nigerian city of Maiduguri has more than doubled in size as people flee villages for the town, which is now swarming with soldiers and local vigilantes bent on keeping out Boko Haram.

In nearby Niger, tens of thousands of people who had already fled Boko Haram are again on the run after militants stepped up their activities near the Nigerian border. Fighters attacked a military post this month, killing 32 soldiers and injuring more than 60 people.

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