Disturbance for Christians Convicted in Sudan

ICC Note: Christians in Sudan are regular victims of persecution, even when they help their other neighbors in the community. This was the case of the Christian men that have been sentenced in Sudan, when they were fundraising money to help an injured student, but the government accused them of espionage and claimed they were supporting rebel movements instead. Discrimination of Christians has increased since 1989 in Sudan, but not many countries talk or pay attention to the persecution they experience.

02/08/2017, Sudan (All Africa) - The Government of the United Kingdom has said it is "deeply concerned" about the recent lengthy convictions of Christians in Sudan for alleged espionage crimes against the state.

Tobias Ellwood MP, a Foreign Office Minister in the UK, announced the government's position after he was questioned in the House Commons by a member of a Christian political party.

Last week Czech aid worker Petr Jašek was sentenced to life imprisonment (which amounts to 24 years in Sudan) and has to pay a fine of $15,440. His co-accused, Rev. Hassan Abdelrahim Kodi was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, together with a student activist from Darfur.

The men were involved in helping to fundraise for a Darfuri student who was severely injured in a demonstration. The donation has been the center of the court case with the Sudanese intelligence service claiming that it was meant to support rebel movements in South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and Darfur - the home areas of the three convicts.

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