Fresh Attacks by Fulani on Christian Villages in Benue, Central Nigeria

ICC Note: On July 25 a group of Fulani herdsmen attacked the primarily Christian area of Gaambe-Tiev in Benue State, Nigeria. During the attack, 14 civilians were murdered and properties and land were destroyed. This is another in a long string of similar deadly attacks from the herdsmen on predominantly Christian villages. These attacks have been increasing in frequency and now occur almost daily in Benue State. In the past month, 133 people have been killed by the Fulani and 76 churches destroyed. This murder and destruction is spreading fear and hunger in the Middle Belt region of the country, particularly in the Christina population since they are the primary targets. The local and state governments are doing little to bring justice to the situation and protect those in danger.

07/29/2016, Benue, Nigeria (WorldWatch Monitor) - A fresh attack in the central Nigerian State of Benue by suspected Fulani herdsmen has left at least 14 dead in the predominantly Christian area of Gaambe-Tiev - the same place that has seen violence for over a month now.

The assailants stormed the community on July 25th at about 7.30 am, shouting and shooting sporadically, an eyewitness told media.

“Everybody, including women and children, ran for their lives. Bodies of some of those killed are being recovered from the farms and we are still counting’’, he said.
Many properties and farms have also been destroyed.

Deadly attacks attributed to Fulani herdsmen occur almost on a daily basis in Benue State.

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