Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill Seven Christians in Northern Nigeria

ICC Note: Radical Islamist Fulani militants have murdered seven Christians in Kaduna, northern Nigeria in Golkofa village, Jem’a Local Government Area (LGA) on August 13, according to Morning Star News.. Local Christian leaders are pleading with the Nigerian government to react with appropriate security measures in light of the ongoing crisis, which the state has so far left unaddressed. Since 2001, Fulani attacks of Christian-majority farming settlements across Nigeria’s central “Middle-Belt” region have grown increasingly violent as victims face their towns being literally wiped off the map in brutal raids. The militant group has murdered tens of thousands of Christians, amassing a body count larger than Boko Haram has inflicted, while attacks are expanding further into Northwest and Southeast Nigeria. To date, the Nigerian government has largely ignored the issue, chalking the violence up to historical tribal struggles over land for farming versus cattle grazing. This description misconstrues the religious elements at play which reveal mass murder and Christian persecution as radical Muslims have consistently targeted followers of Christ.

08/17/2016, Nigeria (Morning Star News) -  Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked a predominantly Christian village in north-central Nigeria on Saturday (Aug. 13), killing seven Christians, sources said.

Two weeks after herdsmen attacked a nearby area in Kaduna state, the assailants attacked Golkofa village in the same state’s Jema’a Local Government Area on Saturday night, they said.

“The Christians were killed in their homes,” Golkofa resident Sunday Saleh told Morning Star News. “Some of the victims were shot while others were cut with machetes.”

Saleh said the seven Christians killed were Thomas Maimasara, 40, and Sabo Boyi, 25, both cousins of his; Bobo Okocha, 18; Monday Hamza, 24; Waje Rubutu, 17; Linus, 20; and Julius, 19. The latter five Christians were members of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Golkofa, he said.

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