Nigeria: How Churches are Responding to Boko Haram

ICC Note: Christians in northern Nigeria are under constant threat of attack from militant Islamist terror group Boko Haram. Sunday mornings represent a particularly vulnerable time as church gatherings prove to be a common target. These are just a sample of the burdens Christian pastors face in remaining obedient to their Biblical charge to guard the flock of Christ.

3/26/15 Nigeria (Christian Today) - Call it coincidence, but an alarming number of the stories of Boko Haram attacks I heard when in Nigeria last week took place near churches.

Sunday mornings seem to be a favorite; while people are worshiping, their homes are ransacked and burned.

 As fires blaze and shots are fired, the sounds of screaming and gunshots interrupt church services and leave worshipers with indelible memories of horror; memories gained while they were in what they considered to be a safe and holy place.

65-year-old Amos ran home from church to find Boko Haram soldiers in his home. Terrified, he couldn't think where else to hide so he shinned up a tree and sat in the branches for hours while they raided his house.

"I can't believe I managed it," he told me. "It must have been the Lord's strength."


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