Nigeria’s Maiduguri Under Curfew after Boko Haram Attack

ICC Note: Islamic terror group Boko Haram ambushed the city in northern Nigeria where they used to be headquartered, killing six Nigerian soldiers and injuring twelve others. Just weeks after Nigeria declared that the military had liberated all of Boko Haram's urban strongholds and was pursuing their last bases in the remote Sambisa Forest, three female suicide bombers detonated themselves in Maiduguri Thursday, May 14. The identity of the attackers remains unknown, but the attack bears resemblance to the kinds of common tactics Boko Haram employs. They have abducted women and girls, have forced Christians to convert to Islam, and have used women as human shields and suicide bombers in the past.

5/14/15 Maiduguri, Nigeria (BBC) - Nigeria's military has imposed a curfew in the main north-eastern city of Maiduguri after a surprise attack by militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

Streets are deserted with markets, schools and hospitals shut in the densely populated city, reports say.

The army said the lockdown was ordered to protect lives and property.

Troops and vigilantes fought off the militants on Tuesday evening as they tried to enter Maiduguri, residents told the BBC.

This was their most serious attempt to enter the city since the military declared in March that it had recaptured all urban areas from Boko Haram, says BBC Nigeria analyst Aliyu Tanko.


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