Our Team

Team Members


J Bruce Ritter, Jr

Chairman of Pimentel Project, Inc.
bruce*pimentelproject.org (336) 263.0707


Radhames Quezada

Founder and Pastor of MIVA/CERINFA

Tioradhames*hotmail.com (809) 847-8824


Zoila Quezada

Director/Principal of CERINFA
(809) 847-8824


Patsy Ritter

Business Manager
(336) 207-5058 patsy*pimentelproject.org


Radhys Quezada Leonardo

Faces of the Future: Pimentel Coordinator

Board of Directors

J.W. Brown

J.W. Brown

Founder and Board of Directors

JW Brown founded the Pimentel Project. Along with his wife, Jeannie, Jay continues to advance the vision of the Pimentel Project by serving on the board of directors, working with teams, and consulting with construction projects.

Robert Boyd

Robert Boyd

Board of Directors

“Bobby” is a leader in his church and city of New Bern, NC. He is the Deputy Fire Chief of the New Bern Fire Department. Since 1994, Bobby has served as a team leader for numerous missions teams to Pimentel, including coordinating much of the construction and landscaping at MIVA.

Jeannie Brown

Jeannie Brown

Board of Directors

Jeannie serves alongside of her husband with prayerful vision and support for MIVA and the Pimentel Project.