Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring children to attend CERINFA (Center of Education, Restoration, and Nutrition) comprises the heart of the Pimentel Project. CERINFA selects from among the poorest children in Pimentel and enrolls them in a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, Christian based education.

Child Sponsorships provide for the cost of enrollment, two hot meals each school day, and a uniform. CERINFA is also fully accredited by the Dominican Republic National Government.

The cost of enrollment for the academic year is $1200 per child. Contributors may sponsor a child partially or in full.

Each CERINFA Student’s profile includes a sponsorship form for new sponsors and a Paypal donation link for current sponsors. In addition, Paypal donations can be set up for monthly recurring donations for your convenience.

Option 1: Partial Tuition

$25/month or $300/year

Option 2: Full Tuition

$100/month or $1200/year

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  • Alfawiliver Trinidad Hernandez
    Alfawiliver Trinidad Hernandez
    ID: STM-026-2013 Date …
  • Jafreisy Paulino Rojas
    Jafreisy Paulino Rojas
    ID: STM-014-2013 Date …
  • Wellington Bobadilla Mejia
    Wellington Bobadilla Mejia
    ID: STM-033-2013 Date …
  • Misael Rodriguez Rojas
    Misael Rodriguez Rojas
    ID: STM-006-2013 Date …
  • Andreily Gabriel Nunez
    Andreily Gabriel Nunez
    ID: STM-025-2013 Date …
  • Danny Tavarez Rojas
    Danny Tavarez Rojas
    ID: STM-031-2013 Date …
  • Lismeiry Nunez Maria
    Lismeiry Nunez Maria
    ID: STM-009-2013 Date …
  • Eldaly Nunez
    Eldaly Nunez
    ID: STM-028-2013 Date …
  • Yonelfy Dilone Mejia
    Yonelfy Dilone Mejia
    ID: STM-030-2013 Date …
  • Emmanuel Chavez Tavarez
    Emmanuel Chavez Tavarez
    ID: STM-029-2013 Date …
  • Dariandy Aquino Garcia
    Dariandy Aquino Garcia
    ID: STM-020-2013 Date …
  • Bryan Salazar Castro
    Bryan Salazar Castro
    ID: STM-024-2013 Date …
  • Yowaldy Minaya F.
    Yowaldy Minaya F.
    ID: STM-086-2013 Date …
  • Chantal Brito Lopez
    Chantal Brito Lopez
    ID: STM-080-2013 Date …
  • Mayoli Gonzalez Hernera
    Mayoli Gonzalez Hernera
    ID: STM-081-2013 Date …
  • Janael Marquea Garcia
    Janael Marquea Garcia
    ID: STM-082-2013 Date …
  • Jenifer Bido Joaquin
    Jenifer Bido Joaquin
    ID: STM-083-2013 Date …
  • Patricia Hernandez Galan
    Patricia Hernandez Galan
    ID: STM-084-2013 Date …
  • Waldy Guillen Payano
    ID: STM-085-2013 Date …