The Christian Association of Nigeria Accuses government of hostility towards Christianity

ICC Note: CAN has made several accusations against the Nigerian government because of the difficulties, challenges and hostility that Christians have to face in the country. Christians are constantly persecuted by Islamic radicals, being unable to practice and express their faith freely like other religions do. Furthermore, many of the crimes committed against Christians are never given the importance they need by the authorities.

05/16/2017, Nigeria (Vanguard) – The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Youth Wing and four other affiliated Christian unions, yesterday, accused President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration of running the country as a Muslim organization and neglecting the entire Christian faith.

The Youth Wing of CAN, YOWICAN, Arewa Christians Association,Concerned Professional Christians, All Para-Church Organizations, Nigerian Christians in Diaspora, rising from their emergency meeting, yesterday, in Abuja, said the present government was not only executing Islamic agenda but also out to kill the Christian religion in the country.

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