Three Female Suicide Bombers Killed by Nigerian Soldiers

ICC Note: Boko Haram frequently uses female and child bombers to launch attacks against innocent civilians. The insurgency of this terrorist group has left many victims vulnerable because their family members end up being killed, abducted, or injured. Christians are usually the main target for terrorist militants like Boko Haram because of their faith. Many cases against Christians have been reported such as the kidnapping of the Chibok girls, the killing and abduction of Church leaders, and attacks against churches or specific towns. Unfortunately, Christians continue to be the unprotected religious minority in Nigeria and neighboring countries.  

11/11/2016, Nigeria (Newsweek)- Nigerian soldiers have killed three female suicide bombers who were attempting to breach the northeastern city of Maiduguri, the birthplace of Boko Haram. The suicide bombers were spotted Friday in a village along the road connecting Maiduguri and Damboa, a local government area in Borno state. The women had improvised explosive devices (IEDs) strapped to their bodies. The soldiers shot at the women, prompting the IEDs on two of the bombers to explode, killing all three, Borno police spokesman Victor Isuku said, according to Nigeria’s Channels TV. The third woman’s device was rendered safe and disposed of by a bomb disposal unit. … [Full Story]